Providing Behavioral Health Services in Rural South Texas

Adult Mental Health ~ Salud y Vida

Primary Care Services:

Coastal Plains Community Center (CPCC) contracts with Community Action Corporation of South Texas (CACOST) to provide healthcare services to adult consumers enrolled with Coastal Plains. We currently have five (5) healthcare “Salud y Vida” clinics opened within our catchment area. The behavioral clinics who currently offer health care integration services are Alice, Kingsville, Taft, Falfurrias and Beeville.


Primary healthcare services provided at our clinics include:

· Adult Primary Care

· Women's Services

· Laboratory Services and Education

· Pharmacy Services

· Enabling services, including enrollment and referral to state programs (CHIP, Medicaid, etc.)

· Eligibility and Enrollment

· Preventative Care

Coastal Plains Community Center in partnership with Community Action Corporation of South Texas, is now making healthcare available at no charge to Coastal Plains consumers.


Coastal Plains consumers can now receive quality medical care during regular clinic visits to Coastal Plains Community Center. Community Action Corporation of South Texas (CACOST) is now operating medical clinics inside Coastal Plains. The medical clinic will be open on the same day and during the same hours as Coastal Plains mental health clinic.


Once registered with the CACOST medical clinic within Coastal Plains a consumer will then be eligible to receive services at any one of the other CACOST clinics located within their community.


The medical clinic will provide a range of services including preventative care and early intervention of health problems along with management of existing health problems. Follow up, continuity of care, medication assistance and supportive services will be designed for each individual consumer.


Once enrolled adult consumers will be eligible for primary care services with CACOST. The medical clinic will accept Medicaid, Medicare and most private insurance if the consumer is covered by these programs. But there will never be charge to the consumer.


AsK your case manager for details about the new medical clinic - and get started now on building a healthier life.

A Healthy Mind and A Healthy Body Equals A Healthy Life

Primary care services are now available at the following Coastal Plains clinics on the designated day.


Monday- Alice

614 W. Front Street




201 Roots Ave



Falfurrias -
3rd Wednesday
of the Month

101 W.  Potts



Wednesday – Kingsville

1621 East Corral




Thursday- Beeville

2808 Industrial Loop Blvd.



Our enrollment process can be completed within about 10 minutes during your first visit to the medical clinic.


Remember - Once registered with a medical clinic within Coastal Plains, you will then be eligible to receive services at any one of the other clinics operated by Community Action Corporation of South Texas located within your community.

Winning The Race for Health Care

Our medical clinic can help you stay ahead of your health care needs by helping you establish healthy habits liking eating right, exercising and early detection.


We understand that learning to develop healthy living habits can be a difficult and slow process. Our medical professionals will help you put together a personal care plan which will allow you to take control of your physical health.


We can provide help with controlling diabetes, hypertension, blood pressure, etc. Let us help you in your battle to lose weight or stop smoking.


We can partner with you in developing a workable exercise program. One that starts with small steps and brings big results.



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