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Family Partner Services

The Role of the Family Partner

The role of the Family Partner is to provide one to one support to families caring for children being served by Coastal Plains Integrated Health. The Family Partner is a formal member of the wraparound team whose role is to support the family and help them engage and actively participate on the team and make informed decisions that drive the process when receiving intensive case management services. The Family Partner can be a mediator, facilitator, or bridge between families and agencies.

Who is the Family Partner?

In order to serve as a Certified Family Partner for Coastal Plains Integrated Health a person must be the parent or primary care giver of a child or youth with emotional, behavioral or mental health challenges. The Family Partner has real-life experience in raising such a child. He or she has learned how to successfully navigate the systems of care available to children and adolescents in the state of Texas.

In addition to real-life experience a Family Partners must undergo 3 days of intensive training followed by a comprehensive certification exam. Once certified the Family Partner must earn at least 20 hours of continuing education units every two years.

The training is designed to teach the Family Partner how to use their experiences to help other parents facing the same issues for the first time. It is the job of the Family Partner to ensure that each family member’s voice is heard and that their individual needs are being addressed and met. He or she serves as a mentor, coach, support and advocate to the family.

Working Together To Promote Mental Health in Children And Adolescents

The Family Partner:

  • Ensures that families are equal partners in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating their own individual plans of care.
  • Helps families develop their own family support goals and ensures that these goals are integrated into one unified plan of care.
  • Helps families and youth to build their own community based support network.
  • Helps families prepare for meetings at school or the central education office, local coordination councils, hospitals, groups homes, courts and other locations.
  • Attends these meetings as the advocate and coaching partner for the families.
  • Provides information, referrals and resources to families and helps them navigate child serving systems.
  • Partners with intensive case management services throughout the stages of the wraparound process.
  • This includes participating in the intake, working on engaging family members, helping families build their own child and family  team and serving on a child and family team.
  • Connects families to family support activities.

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