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Veterans Outreach

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Serving And Supporting Those Who Have Served

Certified Peer Service Coordinators
Vincent Klus
at 361-777-3991

Certified Peer Service Coordinator
 Jaime Cantu
at 361-592-6481

Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan often face issues of reintegration and readjustment that can sometimes seem insurmountable. Most would agree that a person who has never been in their situation, really can’t understand what they are going through. Coastal Plains Community Center Veteran Peer Services Coordinators are Jaime Cantu, Vincent Klus. Our coordinators bring a very real understanding of the problems and obstacles facing returning veterans. In addition, they has been trained by the military as a “peer facilitator”.

Peer-to-Peer Support Groups

“In the Zone“ peer–to-peer support groups are currently being formed for veterans living in the nine counties served by Coastal Plains..

These support groups are designed to help returning veterans get “back in the zone” and make a successful transition to civilian living.

The goal is to develop several strong support groups with members of each group eventually becoming peer facilitators.

Linking Community Resources

The Veterans Services and Supports Project will assist local veterans and their families in accessing resources available within the community including food, housing, counseling, health care, job searches, etc.

We will also assist veterans in linking up with  local and statewide resources such as Disabled Veterans, “Grace Under Fire”, American GI Forum and others which assist veterans in obtaining benefits and other services.

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