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Texas Correctional Office on Offenders with Medical or Mental Impairments (TCOOMMI)

Coastal Plains Integrated Health provides community services to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  All services are based on individual needs and designed for people to live and work successfully in their communities.  Our focus is on community-based services with an emphasis on job skills training to prepare people for competitive community employment. Professional Mental Health Services provided by Coastal Plains.

Coastal Plains Integrated Health currently operates under the guidance and direction of a nine member Board of Trustees.  Each of the nine counties served by Coastal Plains is represented by one board member.  The nine counties served by Coastal Plains are Aransas, Bee, Brooks, Duval, Jim Wells, Kenedy, Kleberg, Live Oak and San Patricio.

TCOOMMI ICM program is designed for adult offenders currently on probation having been referred to the program from their current correctional officer. The ICM program provides a higher level of mental health services to clients with a severe and persistent mental illness. The higher level of services are intended to stabilize the client’s mental health symptoms, reduce the risk of recidivism, increase client awareness of and participation within community and natural supports, develop client skills in self-advocacy, extend client tenure in the community, and assist clients in gaining the ability to participate in independent mental health care. The ICM program will provide individuals with case management, skills training/psycho-social rehabilitation, psychiatric services, medications and monitoring, individual/group therapy, benefit eligibility services and crisis intervention. These services are available in our San Patricio, Bee, Aransas and Live Oak counties.

TCOOMMI PGP_0102 Adult Intensive Case Management

TCOOMMI Continuity of Care (COC):

The COC program is designed to conduct pre-release screenings and referrals for post release identification of medical, psychiatric, psychological care or treatment, educational, or rehabilitative service needs referred from TDCJ CID and other correctional offices. Coastal Plains Integrated Health Case Managers will then work with the client in developing and coordinating a plan for the provision of treatment, care and services including but not limited to service coordination for post release service, joint treatment planning with criminal justice agencies, social services, health and human service agencies/other appropriate disciplines, eligibility benefits services and applications. COC services are available in our nine (9) county catchment area.

COC services through TCOOMMI programs are to be provided for up to ninety (90) days for each offender with a severe and persistent mental illness admitted to service with a low clinical need and low criminal justice risk score (or for eligible offenders awaiting admittance into Intensive Case Management).

Referrals into the TCOOMMI COC program are generated by TDCJ Information Technology Division, TDCJ TCOOMMI. Staff identifies those clients with a diagnosis of a mental illness and issues mental health referrals to the appropriate LMHA. Coordination of the referral occurs upon TCOOMMI staff receiving notice of a scheduled release date and an approved residence plan for a client.

*Referrals are only accepted by TDCJ Division/Correctional Officers

TCOOMMI_PGP_0101 Continuity of Care Processes

TCOOMMI Special Needs Diversionary Program (SNDP):

TCOOMMI SNDP is designed for juvenile offenders currently on probation having been referred to the program from their current correctional officer. SNDP provides a higher level of mental health services to youth clients with a DSM-V diagnosis who are being supervised in the community by the juvenile probation department. The program is designed as a family-based, multi-services approach to meet the mental health needs of juvenile offenders. Services are targeted for youth, ages 10-18, who have been assessed with severe emotional disturbances. The program is a core team oriented case management and flexible programing approach. Services can include assessments for service referrals, service coordination and planning with collaboration with correctional officers, medications and monitoring, individual and/or group therapy, skills training and parent training, family focused support services, benefit eligibility services, transition services and crisis intervention. These services are available in our San Patricio, Bee, Aransas, Live Oak and McMullen counties.

SNDP Services >

TCOOMMI_PGP_0105 Juvenile Case Management


(Juvenile And Mental Impairment Network) team works with youth in the juvenile justice system.  This specialized team is a combination of mental health case managers and juvenile probation officers working together to help juvenile offenders with behavioral health issues.  The team meets with the youth and the family to provide intervention, training, linkage and support to help the child remain in school and in the home.

Since 2002 Coastal Plains Integrated Health has partnered with the 36th Judicial Juvenile Probation Department to provide services to youths referred to the juvenile justice system who have a mental health diagnosis.

The counties  served include  Aransas, Bee, Live Oak, McMullen and San Patricio


  • To help you see the strengths which already exist with in the family
  • To help you see the systems involved in your family as helpful
  • To learn from you and work for you
  • To help keep your family together
  • Reduction of psychiatric hospitalizations
  • Reduction of further involvement with juvenile justice system


A child must be between the ages of 10 and 18, be on deferred prosecution or official probation, and have a mental health diagnosis.

The child must have a parent or family member who agrees to participate in the program with the child.


To provide comprehensive services to children, adolescents and their families who have been impacted by the juvenile justice system, making stronger families one at a time.

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